A minimal approach to fashion

July 16, 2019

Despite what you may think, a minimalist wardrobe not about the aesthetic nature of it, nor about the color palate (or lack thereof), and it is definitely not about a specific number of clothing items in your closet.

Your aim is to build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, and in doing so, it doesn't always mean the cheapest option, and it certainly doesn't mean only wearing things once and then having it hang in your wardrobe for the next 20 years.

Sound scary?  Are you with me? If it pulls on your heartstrings then keep reading.

I am talking about high quality pieces that you love, that won't date in less than a season, and, when they do finally wear out, you just must replace it with similar piece in your wardrobe as you cannot do without it.


Change your mindset; shop with purpose.

When you go into the realm of shopping, always be intentional with why you are choosing to buy.  Decide what you are looking for and don't settle for something not like what you had in your mind. Once you have discovered your style, it's much easier to know what you like/need.  For example, I really want a black and white striped shirt, but I settle for a spotty one, only to find that I don't actually like spots and wish I had waited until I found a striped one.  Low and behold, that spotty shirt I will hate to look at, as it sits gathering dust in my open shelf wardrobe. 


Don't just shop for 'fun'

Did you know that the average person only used around 20% of their actual wardrobe? That means 80% of it is sitting there wasting space. Spending money can make you feel good in the short term, but this nasty habit ruins your chances of ever having that coherent wardrobe/home/insert cluttered thing here that frustrates you. It doesn't stop with clothing either.  The same principal can be applied to many areas of your home and life.

Also, you will end up with pieces you only wear once and decorator items you get sick of looking at. I am trying to avoid the 'send it to the op shop' mentality right now. Just because you have bought it, doesn't mean you will keep it. That thing you just bought can never go away. It will still exist somewhere, even if it's just landfill. Depressing thought.  It gets easier to say no initially.  The world's war on clothing waste is huge let alone the war on cheap tacky on-trend homewares.


Minimalist wardrobes and homes

They are 100% about going to your wardrobe or into your home, and every single piece you look at you love. Clothing that makes you feel confident, amazing, and makes you feel like you. Furniture that is functional, but that you also love so much that you would replace with the exact same style time and time again. I urge you to take the time and create a pinterest board of the things you love, and find the coherent pattern that unlocks your own style.


selah x